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How to report bugs and register enhancements

Project: carnarvon

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Search for issues and defects here. Don't forget to vote on those you find most important.
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issue # Find a specific issue.
Prerequisites To enter an issue, you must register at the Tigris website, and log in. To be able to make any change to existing issues, you have to apply for an Observer role in the carnarvon project and get it granted.

Register, Log in, and Apply for an Observer role

Report a bug in carnarvon Step by step instruction on what to do:
  1. Search for the problem among the problems in the database.
  2. If found, add yourself as CC to the Issue and vote for it. You can then monitor its progress. You are done.
  3. If your problem is not found or some of your peculiarities or details is not included in the description, go on.
  4. Enter a new issue or add information to an already existing issue. Be sure to include what version of carnarvon you are running, what version of python, all the steps that lead up to this, what happens, and what you expected to happen.
  5. Add attachments with more information to your newly created issue by revisiting it and clicking Create a new attachment. The extra information that might be relevant for the issue as attachments is screen shots, your project file, log files... If the problem is repeatable, rerun with debug logging enabled (carnarvon --debug config_file ) and add the output as attachment.
You will get updates via mail when someone comments or does something with your issue. If nothing happens, you can solve the issue yourself and describe the solution in the issue. When the issue is resolved and verified, close it after you have accepted the solution.
Suggest an enhancement This is if you have suggestion on more things that you think carnarvon should do for you that it currently does not do. Consider it our common wish list.
Report a bug on the web site This is when you find errors among the things present on the web site.
My issues View both active issues assigned to you and those that you have entered.
Reports Generate and view issue tracking reports.

Why you should do this

By reporting bugs you are contributing to the carnarvon project and your help will lead to making carnarvon a better product.

By voting you are showing your interest and help the developers get a good idea of what is important and what is not. This is one of the sources of inspiration for the people in the project.

By suggesting enhancements you are contributing ideas for some future version of carnarvon.

If you want to contribute even more to the project you could start solving and verifying issues. No python knowledge is needed for verifying issues. For details read through the Developer Zone.