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User Manual



carnarvon has the following dependencies:

  • CVS
  • Subversion
  • Python 2.3+
  • MySQL
  • python-2.x-MySQLdb
  • gnuplot


Run setup.py script (if necessary as root):

python setup.py install

Running carnarvon

carnarvon needs a config file in order to run. You can generate this config file in two ways:

carnarvon -a my.conf

will generate a basic template. Edit it with your proper values.

carnarvon -w my.conf

will execute a wizard in order to generate the config file step by step.

Once you have a proper config file, you will be able to run carnarvon:

carnarvon my.conf

Note that carnarvon accepts several flags. Try running carnarvon without arguments.

After carnarvon finishes the analysis of the given project, run the other tools in order to get graphs and a nice website:

carnarvon2web my.conf

Choosing a project to analyze

Analyzing the results


Release notes


Following people have contributed to carnarvon: